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Retirements mean a loss of 270,000 years of experience: Toibín

8 March, 2012

Peadar Tóibín TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson on jobs, enterprise and innovation speaking in the Dáil on the issue of state retirements said:
“We all agree that there is a need to reform our public services to ensure that they are fit for purpose, to ensure the delivery of a first world service for our citizens in an efficient and effective manner.
“The actions of this government demonstrate a fixation, not on public sector reform, but rather an ideological driven attack on the size of the public sector.
“This government has slashed essential budgets in health and education, they have failed to reel in the excessive payments to the senior public servants, and they have brought forward the blunt and instrument of incentivised retirement. This has led to an unplanned and uncoordinated loss of 9,000 posts.
“It will lead to the loss of essential skills and experience without the plan to replace these skills. On average, if each of the retirees have 30 years’ experience that leads to a cumulative loss of 270,000 years’ experience.
“In the absence of a plan to fill the skills deficit the options left to the minister appear to be; let the already under strain services cover the holes in provision or rehire those who have retired and pay them twice.
“This is not scaremongering already within the education sector 383 posts are now filled by teaching staff that are in receipt of pensions payments, this is, they have a public pension and receive a wage.
“So we have reduced numbers, we have a loss of experience, we will have a reduced level of service and we will be paying people a pension and a wage to do the jobs there are currently doing.

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