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Sheehan calls for threats and expulsions to be withdrawn

15 March, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast, Pat Sheehan has called on those groups responsible for issuing threats and expulsion orders against people in the Upper Spingfield area and across Belfast to immediately withdraw these death threats and expulsions.

Speaking today Pat Sheehan siad:

“It is my understanding that there have been a series of threats and expulsion orders emanating from groups mimicking the actions of vigilante groups like RAAD in Derry and the North West against individuals in the Upper Springfield area and indeed across Belfast.

"Local people are concerned about the criminal anti-community activities of these groups masquerading as protectors of the community. The vast majority of people reject the activities of these groups attempts to impose their will on the community.

"The seriousness of this situation cannot be understated and I condemn whoever is behind these latest death threats. The local community is demanding that these gangs disband and lift the atmosphere intimidation hanging over our people.

“It is common knowledge that many of these threats emanate from personal disputes some of which are as frivolous as being overhead in social circles criticising the activities of these people. Their activities and use of republican titles besmirch a proud tradition that has always acted in the best interests of the people. Anyone connected with them who harbours the least bit of affinity to republicanism should do the honourable thing and walk away.

"I would urge the public to act in the interest of the community by providing the PSNI or other statutory agencies or public representative with any information you may have concerning the activities of these pseudo gangs. Likewise if you have information about those involved in drug dealing or other anti-community activity bring that forward also so that the courts can deal with the situation."

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