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Mícheál Martin has questions to answer on the Mahon Report – O’Brien

22 March, 2012 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Speaking in the aftermath of the publication of the report of the Mahon Tribunal today, Sinn Féin justice spokesperson, Jonathan O’Brien TD, said it was an indictment of the systemic culture of corruption within Fianna Fáil. It is clear that Mícheál Martin now has questions to answer regarding his Dáil colleagues’ credibility, he said.
The Cork North Central added:
“Deputy Mícheál Martin was a senior member of the cabinet then and is Fianna Fáil party leader now. He has a number of questions to answer regarding the conduct and credibility of his party colleagues who are still members of the Dáil.
“The report of the Mahon Tribunal states that during 2007 and 2008, members of the Cabinet embarked on a “sustained and virulent attack” against the tribunal. They questioned not only the legality of the tribunal, but also the integrity of its members. These attacks came as a result of the tribunal’s inquiries into Bertie Ahern’s conduct.
• Does Mícheál Martin share any responsibility, as a senior cabinet member at that time, in these actions?
• As a member of that cabinet, can he clarify if these attacks were part of an orchestrated campaign at the behest of Bertie Ahern?
• Does he know which of his former ministerial colleagues are being referred to by Justice Mahon in the report?
• Are any of these currently serving Fianna Fáil TDs?
• If they are serving TDs, what action is he going to take against them now?

“If Mícheál Martin is serious about restoring faith in the political system and leaving the Fianna Fáil culture of corruption behind, then he must answer these questions as a matter of urgency or the public will draw its own conclusions. ENDS

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