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Sinn Féin call for review of legislation regarding supergrass system

26 March, 2012 - by Raymond McCartney

Derry MLA Raymond McCartney said a motion by Sinn Féin before the Assembly tomorrow will call on the Justice Minister to hold an immediate review of the discredited supergrass system.

Raymond McCartney, who is Vice Chair of the Justice Committee at the Assembly said:

“The recent supergrass trial just confirmed what most people already know and that is that this is a failed tactic that does not work and undermines the administration of justice and the police.

“As the motion states ‘it is essential that the criminal justice system operates in a transparent manner which respects the rights and entitlements of all citizens and engenders maximum public confidence in our policing and justice systems’.

“The supergrass system clearly fails all these standards and Sinn Féin is calling on the Justice Minister and the Attorney General to immediately launch a review of the legislation that permits use of this failed policy.”

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