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Nurse's car object of Shantallow viable explosive device‏

16 April, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has slammed those responsible for leaving a viable explosive device close to a nurse's car in the Drumleck Drive area of Shantallow which resulted in residents being moved from their homes late on Sunday night  
Councillor Tony Hassan said
“This was a viable device and could have resulted in serious injury or death if it had gone off. Those who recklessly left this device close to a car belonging to a local nurse and mother need to stop and take stock of the potential devastating results of their actions. Thankfully we are not dealing with a tragedy today but that is no comfort to those whose lives were put in danger and to all the families who had to leave their homes late at night.
"Those responsible should desist from any further such actions before they result in fatalities in our community. "I call on those responsible to explain to our community just exactly what they hope to achieve by these futile actions. Your total and callous disregard for the community you are a part of defies logic.

"The people of Shantallow and the vast majority of the people of Ireland have stated loud and clear that there is a peaceful and democratic avenue available to pursue all political goals and aspirations. It's time those involved in these anti-community attacks listened to the people and disband.

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