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Troika refuse to meet opposition parties

17 April, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking today Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams, has criticised the decision by the troika not to meet opposition parties during their quarterly review in Dublin this week.
“It is not clear whether the refusal to meet opposition parties is a decision of the Troika or a decision at the request of the government.
Deputy Adams said:
“Last week, in advance of the Troika review Sinn Féin contacted the Department of Finance seeking a meeting with the Troika review delegation. We were informed by the Department of Finance that, unlike previous reviews, the Troika would not be meeting opposition parties.
“Sinn Féin then contacted the European Commission and IMF permanent representations in Dublin to see if a meeting could be organised but were told that the review delegation would not be meeting political parties.
“It is not yet clear whether this refusal to meet opposition parties was a decision of the Troika alone, or a decision taken on request of the government.
“During previous visits Sinn Féin found the meetings with the Troika useful. They highlighted the difference between what the Troika was genuinely saying during the reviews and what the government was claiming they were saying.
“Whatever the reason it is completely unacceptable for the Troiaka to refuse to meet opposition parties. It is an affront to democracy and an insult to our mandates and electorate.
“As the main party of opposition to the Troika austerity programme, Sinn Féin believes that it is important for the officials from the ECB, EU and IMF to hear directly the concerns of those people bearing the brunt of the policies of austerity and bank bailouts.
“We also believe it is an important opportunity to scrutinise the government use of the Troika as a smokescreen for introducing deeply unpopular policies.
“Sinn Féin will be writing to the Troika again this week and to the Minister for Finance to have this bad decision reversed.” ENDS

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