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Europe needs less nuclear plants not more

26 May, 2004

Sinn Féin EU candidate for the East constituency Cllr John Dwyer has today said that 'what Europe needs is less nuclear power plants, not more'. Cllr Dwyer made his remarks after it emerged that the EU is vying for a massive nuclear fusion power plant to be situated in France.

Speaking today, Cllr Dwyer said:

"Irish citizens will be extremely concerned at this latest attempt to escalate the use of nuclear power in the EU. EU Commissioner, Phillipe Busquin has already indicated that he wants to bring a massive nuclear power plant to France, but faces stiff competition from Japan.

"What Europe needs is less nuclear power plants, not more. The people of this island are well aware of the dangers of nuclear plants and reactors, with Sellafield on our doorsteps and polluting the seas. The European Union must lead the way in progressively moving away from nuclear energy and towards the generation of electricity from renewable sources. There is a huge potential for the generation of energy from renewable resources, particularly in Ireland, which is not being developed.

"Sinn Féin wants a nuclear free EU, indeed, a nuclear free world. The European Union already has a number of power plants and there are also major issues surrounding safety, or lack there of. Europe has already witnessed the tragic events of Chernobyl, and the world is still dealing with the environmental fall-out two decades later. Concerns have been raised about the nuclear reactors in a number of the new accession states. The safety of existing reactors must be addressed as a matter of priority. We are calling for the scrapping of the EURATOM Treaty of 1957 and its replacement with a new agreement on the progressive realisation of a nuclear-free Europe."

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