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Adams comments on Fianna Fáil's mixed messages

29 April, 2012 - by Gerry Adams

Commenting on conflicting statements from Fianna Fáil today in relation to a future coalition Government involving Sinn Féin, Party President Gerry Adams said:

“It would presumptious of anyone to think that Sinn Féin is interested in a coalition involving any of the conservative parties who are at one in their failed approach to the problems that currently face the Irish people.

“This issue simply doesn’t arise. We are several years away from a general election and what Sinn Féin is focused on now is building support for an alternative approach to addressing the economic crisis and as part of that securing a No vote to the Austerity Treaty.

“Our approach is one of stimulating the economy, investing in jobs and protecting public services and those on low and middle incomes.

“What is clear however is that Fianna Fáil is speaking with two voices on this issue as highlighted by today’s contradictory statements from various Fianna Fáil spokespeople.”

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