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Workers’ rights a priority for Sinn Féin: Cullinane

1 May, 2012

Sinn Féin’s Senator David Cullinane, the party’s spokesperson on workers’ rights and political reform, has announced that the party will introduce a private members’ bill to the Dáil, appropriately on May Day, international workers’ day, to attempt to protect workers in redundancy situations.

“It is appropriate that our party would bring forward a bill to protect workers’ rights on this significant day for workers all over the world.

“Yesterday the International Labour Organisation (ILO) detailed the massive unemployment in Europe. Never was workers’ solidarity more important worldwide with unemployment figures rising to crisis levels.

“There is real human suffering behind every statistic and we see our fellow workers all over Europe taking the pain of the Eurozone crisis, highlighting the fact that austerity programmes are damaging economies and losing jobs.

“Workers’ organisations, trade unions and labour parties all over the continent are uniting in opposition to the Austerity Treaty. In this state we have the opportunity to vote on it in the 31 May referendum.

“I take this opportunity to call on all workers to act in their own interests and to Vote No to the Austerity Treaty.”

He also extended fraternal greetings to workers worldwide struggling for their rights in hard economic times.

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