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SDLP Leader's critism a nonsense - Maskey

2 May, 2012 - by Alex Maskey

Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey MLA (South Belfast) said SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell’s criticism of the call for scrapping of the NIO is non-sensical.

Alex Maskey said:

“Alasdair McDonnell’s claim that as a ‘true republican’ he and the SDLP ‘seek the transfer of sovereignty from London to Dublin’ rather than seek more powers for the Assembly is a nonsense.

“Is Alasdair suggesting that we should wait for a united Ireland before beginning to transfer as much power as possible from London to Ireland? Is he suggesting that until we achieve that united Ireland we should accept that a politician, elected in Britain and unaccountable to the electorate here, should have decision making powers that impact directly on the lives of Irish people?

"Any Irish republican should have no problem supporting the call for maximum power being transferred from England to be administered by locally elected representatives. None of this diminishes our republicanism or dilutes our determination to bring about Irish self-determination and sovereignty.

“His lack of vision and understanding of forward planning demonstrates the confused analysis on a wide range of issues being put forward by the SDLP."

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