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Facebook Organ Donor Initiative Welcomed

3 May, 2012 - by Sue Ramsey

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Sue Ramsey has welcomed the Facebook link to allow more people to sign up for organ donation.

Ms Ramsey said:

“Social media outlets such as Facebook are very popular ways of communicating especially amongst young people.I welcome the fact that Facebook have introduced a link for people to sign up as organ donors.

“At present many people are dying due to a lack of available organs for transplant and any initiative that increases the number of organs available is to be welcomed.

“While polls shows that over 80% of people are in favour of organ donation only 25% have actually signed up.This initiative by Facebook will allow people to sign up to be an organ donor and will also allow people to invite their Facebook friends and contacts to sign up as well.

“I believe that this initiative has the capacity to increase the number of donors significantly and Facebook should be praised for raising the issue.”

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