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Sinn Féin councillor to speak at Red-Green Alliance conference in Copenhagen

4 May, 2012

Meath Sinn Féin councillor Joe Reilly will this weekend represent the party at the Red-Green Alliance conference in Copenhagen.

Councillor Reilly will put forward Sinn Féin’s position on the upcoming Austerity Treaty referendum at the conference.

Speaking in advance of the conference Councillor Reilly said:

“Europe is deeply divided over this Treaty, with Labour parties in Germany, France and the Netherlands refusing to support it and with growing opposition from the trade union movement including the European Trade Union Confederation.  There are more and more people across Europe calling for jobs and growth as a direct alternative to the policy of austerity, bank bailouts and cuts.

 “The Austerity Treaty will not solve the Eurozone crisis and will in fact make matters worse.  It is bad economics and bad politics. It seeks to impose right wing austerity policies on Irish and EU governments for years to come. I look forward to putting across the case for a No vote at the Red-Green alliance conference in Copenhagen this weekend.”

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