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What is the SDLP’s position on Austerity? – Murphy

8 May, 2012

 Sinn Féin economy spokesperson, Conor Murphy MP, MLA has called on SDLP leader, Alastair McDonnell in light of his wholesome praise of Francois Hollande's vision for a jobs and growth stimulus package to urge the leader of his sister party in Dublin, Eamon Gilmore to adopt the same approach.

Conor Murphy said:

“What is the SDLP position on austerity? If as he claims in his congratulatory statement on Francois Hollande's election as President of France, that this is a 'good result for France, a good result for Europe', will SDLP leader Alastair McDonnell now call on the leader of his sister party in Dublin, Eamon Gilmore to reassess his support for a yes vote in the Austerity Treaty and adopt the Hollande approach.

"After all Hollande's approach is to oppose austerity and to fight for a realignment of the Merkel/Sarkozy model of austerity towards economic stimulus of investment and job creation. How therefore can the SDLP advocate yes to austerity in the 26 counties while claiming that Hollande's policy is the way forward for Europe.

“Will the SDLP now join with Sinn Féin and publicly call for a ‘No’ vote in the South’s referendum? Or will they persist in claiming to be Socialists in Europe while being cheerleaders for Sarkozy/Merkel right wing bedfellows Kenny/ Gilmore in the 26 counties?”

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