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de Brún calls for EU wide action to tackle homelessness

30 May, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA and EU candidate for the Six Counties Bairbre de Brún has called for EU wide action to tackle homelessness and this must include targets and timeframes for the elimination of homelessness. Ms de Brún said:

"People have the right to live free of poverty. As an organised bloc of some of the wealthiest states in the world, the EU has the resources to guarantee this fundamental socio-economic right at least to its own population. Basic social and economic rights must be guaranteed for all. This includes the right to a home.

"Unfortunately this right is not being accorded to all. Levels of homelessness are rising in many EU countries, including Ireland. Serious action needs to be taken at an EU wide level to combat homelessness.

"There is a need for member states to agree an EU wide target and timeframe for the elimination of homelessness.

"This requires adequate provision of social and affordable private housing. However tackling homelessness also requires addressing people‚s capacity; providing employment opportunities and combating financial exclusion. Eradicating poverty and social exclusion will not happen without concerted action on homelessness."ENDS

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