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Inequality row: Challenge to FF in Dublin's Inner City - Does McDowell speak for you on inequality?

30 May, 2004

A Sinn Féin local election candidate in Dublin's Inner City Centre, Ciarán Mac Annraoi has asked Fianna Fáil if the Justice and Equality Minister, Michael McDowell, spoke for them when he told the Irish Catholic newspaper last week that inequality is good for people and an incentive in the Irish economy.

Ciarán Mac Annraoi, a challenger for Mayor Royston Brady's council seat and the running mate of Councillor Christy Burke, said:

"Dublin's Inner City has suffered disproportionately over many decades from neglect and inequality.  Now we have the Fianna Fáil/PD Coalition's Equality Minister effectively saying, 'Inequality is good for you.'

"We expect this sort of Thatcherite clap-trap from the PDs, but is Michael McDowell speaking for his Fianna Fáil Coalition partners and its candidates as well?  I think the voters should be told."ENDS

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