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An Ireland of equals in a Europe of equals

1 June, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP this morning launched the party's manifesto for the EU election and called for people to support Sinn Féin's agenda for change in Ireland and in Europe. The manifesto addresses fundamental issues relating to the future of the EU and sets out Sinn Féin's policies for an Ireland of equals in a Europe of equals.

Mr. Adams said:

"This election will help to determine the future of the EU — and therefore Ireland's future — for many years to come. Sinn Féin's EU manifesto "An Ireland of Equals in a Europe of Equals" is a comprehensive manifesto which deals with four key areas:-

  • the future direction of the European Union
  • promoting peace, economic sovereignty and Irish independence
  • a rights based EU
  • an end to the militarisation of the EU and the role of the EU in the search for global justice

"Sinn Féin stands for change in the EU. We have a vision for an EU that respects the democratic rights of the people of each member state. We want an EU that promotes equality among people and nations. An EU that works for the just and peaceful resolution of conflicts in Europe and beyond. We believe that the enlarged EU must adopt a new set of priorities including the elimination of poverty within its borders and the reform and strengthening of the United Nations to advance justice and peace in the wider world. The changes we want to see happen at EU level are no different from those we are pursuing here in Ireland.

"We also want the EU to become a partnership of equal states. We oppose current attempts to turn the EU into a superstate or a military and economic superpower because we value Irish sovereignty and Irish neutrality. We know that the EU reflects the political agenda of the big States, the unelected Eurocracy, and big business. But it can be changed, and it should be changed.

In keeping with our agenda for change, Sinn Féin's priority is to:

  • work for a reformed EU that gives power back to the people
  • promote Irish sovereignty, democracy and neutrality
  • advance all Ireland approaches to economic and social issues with the active assistance of the EU
  • seek new priorities for EU policy including the elimination of poverty and support for public services
  • ensure that all EU law and policy respects and promotes equality and human rights
  • the Irish language to be recognised as an official and working language in the EU
  • build political alliances with like-minded parties and civil society in Ireland and across the EU to advance these goals

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