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Support Ireland – Vote No!

24 May, 2012

Speaking at the launch of the party’s “Euro 2012 Support Ireland” referendum campaign poster, Sinn Féin European Affairs spokesperson Senator Kathryn Reilly said that, “On May 31st the electorate can support Ireland by saying no to this bad Treaty.”

Senator Reilly was joined by football pundit and manager of Monaghan United Roddy Collins for the launch.

Senator Reilly said;

“The Austerity Treaty is bad for Ireland and bad for Europe. If ratified it will mean more austerity and less democracy. Its harsh rules will demand an extra €6 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts post 2015. Its tough enforcement mechanisms will see more power transferred from the Oireachtas to the European Commission and European Court of Justice.

“On May 31st Sinn Féin is calling on voters to stand up for Ireland and to say no to this bad deal. If you want to support your country then you should reject the Austerity Treaty. A strong no vote will strengthen the hand of those of us calling for investment in jobs and growth.”

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