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Martin Ferris TD - Ard Fheis

26 May, 2012

I would like to welcome delegates and viewers to the televised section of the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis 2012.

Later on this evening Party President and TD for Louth Gerry Adams will be delivering his address outlining the republican vision for the future of this country.

For the rest of the day we will be debating and developing the policies which are putting to the people of Ireland as an alternative to the politics of austerity being promoted by the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition in this part of the country and by the Tories in the north. You will also hear this morning our alternative to the politics of austerity.

They are not, as has been suggested by some, based on Darby O’Gill economics. We have a fully worked out and costed programme and are currently engaged in developing a comprehensive jobs creation programme based on indigenous resources and indigenous talents and enterprise.

I am also proud to be part of another initiative by the part to reach out to rural Ireland and to encourage a whole range of organisations and groups and individuals from small business to the community and voluntary sector to submit their suggestions as to how to get rural Ireland moving again and to provide an alternative to emigration.

Out of this we plan to put together a report embodying those suggestions and placing them before the Oireachtas and the people as part of our alternative to the current politics and policies of negativity and austerity in the interests of failed banks, bankrupt speculators and faceless bondholders.

They were not mentioned by the founders of the Republic as those whose interests were to be paramount in a democratic republic. And nor will they be.

So I hope that both you the delegates and observers here in beautiful Killarney and viewers at home will gain both stimulation and enjoyment from the proceedings and use them to go forward to promoting the real alternative to the current malaise.

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