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SDLP figures on Girdwood just don’t add up – Gerry Kelly

28 May, 2012 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said that recent comments by the SDLP regarding the Girdwood site had more to do with in-party fighting than delivering housing for the people of North Belfast.
The North Belfast MLA said:

“Comments by the SDLP’s Alex Attwood, Delores Kelly and Alasdair McDonnell over the last few days in relation to Girdwood have more to do with SDLP infighting than delivering housing for the people of North Belfast.

“Over the four years when the SDLP held the Department of Social Development under firstly Margaret Ritchie and then Alex Attwood not one brick was laid or any progress made regarding the regeneration of the derelict site at Girdwood.

“All we had from the SDLP was PR statements and electioneering but no delivery whatsoever. The SDLP numbers don’t add up. Margaret Ritchie proposed 200 houses, Alex Attwood 200 and now Alasdair McDonnell 220.

“The cross-party agreement announced last week between Sinn Féin the Ulster Unionists, the DUP and the SDLP, reached in conjunction with Belfast City Council officials, was highly significant and offers the prospect of unlocking the potential of Girdwood.
“The absolute core of this agreement was that housing will be allocated on the basis of objective need.” CROÍOCH/END

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