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Heart-breaking accidents highlighted during Home Accident Prevention Week

30 May, 2012 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin MLA Francie Molloy hosted an event at the Assembly on Monday that signaled the beginning of the Home Accident Prevention Week in the North.

The launch was attended by families who had suffered the loss of a child through an accident with the cord of a window blind. The Mid-Ulster MLA said that all such household fixtures needed to be produced with the highest safety measures.

The key address at the event was given by South Derry man Martin Regan whose 23-month-old grandson Dean Regan Russell died from such an accident last year. Also attending the event were Sinn Féin Councillors Ian Milne, Chair of Magherafelt District council and Sean McPeake.

Francie Molloy said:

“Five children have died recently in Ireland through accidents with cords of window blinds and the heartbreak that such deaths cause cannot be stressed.

This event is to raise awareness of the risk of such hazards and make people aware of simple measures that can be taken to avoid such heartache.

“The companies that make these blinds must also ensure that they comply with the highest of safety standards and if any are found to be prone to causing injury or death, they should be withdrawn immediately.”

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