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Gunmen return to loyalist victim’s home

30 May, 2012 - by Jennifer McCann

West Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann said the shooting of a 28-year-old in Thames Street last night was the second time that gunmen had come to the house. In 1998 loyalists shot dead the father of last night’s shooting victim at the same house.  

Jennifer McCann said:

“Gunmen again returned to this family’s home and not only was it a traumatic experience for the victim but also the whole family.  

“In many cases these types of incidents are nothing to do with anti-social behaviour but more to do with elements in the community attempting to instil fear into people so that they will not be challenged.

“It is another case of thuggery by people who have nothing to offer the residents of the area. It is something reminiscent of the type of behaviour carried out by the notorious loyalist ‘C’ company in the lower Shankill – plain gangsterism.

“The people of West Belfast did not bow to thuggery from the British Army and RUC and certainly won’t let these people stop them from moving forward.”

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