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Some Unionists yet to embrace new politics - Logue

11 June, 2012

Antrim Sinn Féin Councillor, Anne-Marie Logue responding to comments by Ulster Unionist Councillor Adrian Watson has said that it is time for the unionist political leadership to step up to the mark and demonstrate that they are serious about embracing the new politics here.

Councillor Logue said:

“I find Councillor Watson’s comments offensive, as will most progressive individuals. The majority of people across the political spectrum have recognised the need to develop new, inclusive and forward thinking politics based on the principles of equality and respect.

“Unfortunately we still have a few relics of the old failed politics of exclusion as demonstrated by Adrian Watson and his DUP mirror image in Craigavon.

“Some Unionist politicians continue to demonstrate their inability to deal with the changing demographics and political landscape by refusing to allocate civic positions on the basis of party strength. Contrast this to the magnanimous way in which nationalist controlled Councils allocate these positions through genuine power-sharing formulae such as d’Hondt.

“Since it is apparent that unionist politicians only accept power-sharing when the numbers are against them, I believe that it is time that the Assembly introduced legislation on the issue.

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