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2 June, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP this morning joined the party's candidate in the six counties Bairbre de Brún as they launched the party's manifesto for the EU election in the six counties.

The manifesto addresses fundamental issues relating to the future of the EU and sets out Sinn Féin's policies for an Ireland of equals in a Europe of equals.

Mr. Adams said:

" Sinn Féin is an all-Ireland party fielding candidates in all five Irish constituencies have a unique manifesto and a unique set of objectives for the time ahead. This is a crucial election which will impact on the future direction of the EU and the future of Ireland for many years to come. Our manifesto sets out in detail our vision of a Europe of Equals - a real partnership of equal sovereign states, co-operating in social and economic development in Europe and beyond.

" This election also comes at a time of ongoing difficulties within the peace process. The institutions remain suspended, key sections of the Good Friday Agreement remain outstanding and the Agreement itself continues to come under attack from the rejectionists.

" As the largest pro-Agreement party we are best placed to challenge the DUP agenda and challenge those within the British system who continue to try and frustrate the promise of the Good Friday Agreement.

" There will be negotiations after this election. A strong Sinn Féin vote and a team of Sinn Féin MEPs will send the British government a clear message that people across the island are determined to see their basic rights and entitlements delivered. A major part of that is to see Bairbre de Brún returned from the six counties. She has a proven track record as a Sinn Féin activist, elected representative and Minister in the Executive. I am confident that she will prove to be an effective and radical voice within the EU.

" I have travelled extensively around the five constituencies over the past three weeks. And without taking the electorate for granted I am confident that we are poised to make significant advances. But we are not complacent we are chasing every vote possible in every county on this island.

" We are setting out a vision in this manifesto. A vision for the future direction of the European Union. A vision of an Independent sovereign Ireland within a rights based EU. A changed EU. One which reflects the political agenda of the people of Europe rather than the big States, the unelected Eurocracy, and big business.

" This is a unique vision and a unique manifesto. And I am confident that people across this island will respond to it and join with us and deliver a new voice in Europe." ENDS

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