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Sinn Féin Meet with Child Maintenance Agency - McMullan

12 June, 2012 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has met with Child Maintenance and Enforcement Outreach team to discuss the implementation of the new Bill in October

Mr McMullan said,
“It is important that both parents take economic responsibility for their children but also that it is done in a fair manner.
“The previous Child Support Agency failed both the parent with custody of the children and the absent parents. The sums of money given by the absent parent were always a lot higher than received by the parent with the child leading to speculation that absent parents were also paying for the agency.
“The new system designed to be implemented in full in October will have a new computer system and a different formula for calculating support.  It is important that this new system is robust but fair and that the needs of the child are paramount in any new system.”

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