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PSNI Culture of Cover-up Alive and Well

3 June, 2004

Sinn Féin Representative for East Belfast Joe O'Donnell has said that the failure of the PSNI to identify which one of its members deliberately drove at residents in the Short Strand area to allow a prosecution to be mounted showed clearly that 'the canteen culture of secrecy and cover-up was alive and well'.

Cllr. O'Donnell said;

" The revelation that the PSNI have refused to identify which one of its members was involved in endangering the lives of residents living in the Short Strand by driving at them at high speed will come as no surprise to those of us who experienced their policing of this area during the disturbances two summers ago.

" This is a further demonstration that the canteen culture of concealment and cover-up is alive and well within the ranks of the PSNI. This revelation raises many questions for those who continue to provide support and political cover for this force and its Chief Hugh Orde The SDLP in particular can no longer continue to run away from these issues.

" They tell us that accountability and transparency are now paramount. Yet time and again we see instances where the PSNI deliberately and consciously engages in cover up. We have seen it with collusion and with the murders of Roaseanne Mallon and Pearse Jordan and now we see it with this case in the Short Strand.

" The SDLP and others should stop living in denial and should recognise what the majority of nationalists in the six counties believe, that what passes for policing here is not an acceptable or accountable policing service. Instead of providing support for a Hugh Orde charm offensive they should join with the rest of us in demanding the fundamental policing changes which are required." ENDS

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