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Sinn Féin motion on marriage equality passed at Belfast City Council

3 July, 2012

A Sinn Féin motion on the issue of marriage equality was last night passed at the monthly meeting of Belfast City Council.

There was disappointment however that the Unionist members left the chamber during the debate and that the Alliance Party, bar one, abstained on this important vote.

Conor Maskey, who spoke on the motion last night said;

“It is unfortunate that some members of council last night tried to stall or in some way dodge this important debate. It is also very disappointing that unionist members of council saw fit to leave the chamber.

The intention of last night’s motion was very simple, it was bringing an important issue about human rights and equality in this city to the fore, a topic that is being discussed throughout Ireland, Britain as well as across Europe and the US.

Belfast is a city that is changing for the better; it is a city that now has international renown as a modern and welcoming European city. It is unfortunate that some tried last night to turn back the clock.

However, it is a positive that this motion, which recognises the rights of LGBT couples who want to marry, was able to pass with the majority support of those present.” CRÍOCH

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