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MEP Anderson raises concerns at European Council’s Proposals for Growth

3 July, 2012 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking from Strasbourg following the debate on the conclusions of last week’s European Council summit Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson said:

 "While Sinn Féin welcomes any increase in investment in job creation and reduction in the cost of the debt burden, the measures announced following last week’s summit does not instil confidence that the European Council is serious about growth.   

 "Austerity remains a key pillar of the EU’s approach to the crisis with only €10 Billion of new investment agreed.

"Yet the EU continues to pour €Billions into Banks that are still largely unregulated and are gathering €billions in personal wealth for individuals who store it far from the reach of the public purse.

"The failed policy of Austerity and Bailouts to the financial vampires of Banking who sucked the life blood from our economies needs to end.

"We need greater flexibility so that member states can implement policies suited to their specific economies, we need investment in jobs to generate economic growth and assist in deficit reduction, and we need debt reduction to enable indebted member states to return to the markets at normal rates. The proposals coming out of last week’s EU Council summit do not adequately address these needs." CRÍOCH/ENDS

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