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Transplant Awareness Opportunity to Increase Donors - Ramsey

10 July, 2012 - by Sue Ramsey

Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson Sue Ramsey has said that Transplant Awareness Week (9th – 16th July) should be used to get more people on the donor register.

Ms Ramsey said,


“At present there are over 300 people in the North waiting on a life saving organ transplant but due to a lack of people on the donor list many of these people will die.


“Transplant Awareness Week should be used to promote the transplant system and encourage more people to sign up to the donor register.


“The facts about organ donation are that you are more likely to need to receive an organ donation than becoming a donor so it is in everyone’s advantage to have as many people signed up as possible.


“In surveys carried out over 85% of people state they are in favour of organ donations yet only 25% are registered.


“I would appeal to people to sign up to the Donor register in one of the many ways available.


“You can join the register by phone, post, e–mail and now through Facebook so there is ample opportunity for people to sign up.


“I would also encourage people to talk to their family and outline their preference for donation so that the burden is taken off the next of kin in case of a tragedy.


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