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Sinn Féin on track for massive gains in Local Government elections

4 June, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said today at the launch of the party's Local Government Manifesto that "Sinn Féin is on track to make massive gains in the Local Government and after next Friday will have an elected representative in every county in Ireland working to deliver on our agenda for change."

Mr Adams said:

"A central part of our manifestos for Local government and for Europe is the desire for change, and the determination and commitment to deliver that change.

"In this manifesto we set out our proposals for the reform of local government and the strengthening of democracy at community level. This is the basis on which our new councillors on local authorities throughout the 26 Counties will work. Their task will be to maximise the benefits of local government for the people, within the limits of the present structures, while all the time striving to change those structures. Fundamental reform of local government will require action at central government level.

"Our councillors will be part of an All-Ireland team of elected representatives who are building a new Ireland. We are working to ensure that the corruption, neglect and mismanagement of the past is replaced by energetic campaigners, fighting for quality public services including empowered local democracy, accessible healthcare, housing as a right, improved transport, affordable childcare and education as the guarantee of equal opportunities for all.

"Sinn Féin councillors have a record in local government which is second to none.

"Sinn Féin is running 204 candidates for 253 seats throughout the 26 counties. 21% of our candidates are women and 23% are under 35 years of age. We have the most dedicated, hardworking, representative team of all the parties and after next Friday we hope to have an elected representative in every one of the 32 counties all of whom will be working hard to ahcieve the party's goal of making local government work for the people it is meant to represent."ENDS

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