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Doolan demands funding for inner city school

5 June, 2004

Sinn Féin Representative for Dublin South East Daithí Doolan speaking after attending the Christian Brothers Westland Row student awards, called on Minister for Education Noel Dempsey, "to make available the funding to refurbish and improve this historic inner city school. This is the school that provided education to Irish patriots Padraig and Willie Pearse. It is a total disgrace that the current government would let a school of this status run into serious disrepair while government Minister Martin Cullen can waste 50 million euros on the never to be e-voting."

Mr. Doolan congratulated parents, pupils and staff on, " ensuring that this school, in the heartland of Dublin's inner city has set the standard in second level education. I have visited your school and spoken with parents, pupils and teachers and one thing is clear, the conditions in which pupils are forced to learn are wholly inadequate and it's time that this government invest in the education and future of young people here in the inner city. In any other country this school would have been returned to it's former glory but this government and in particular this Minister appears to want to let a historic institution fall into further disrepair and in turn undermine the future of our young people. It appears that Fianna Fail would rather forget our past in order to cut corners in current spending."

Mr. Doolan concluded by calling on the Minister, " to do justice to the efforts here today and to ensure that this school continues to have a long and healthy future in providing a high standard of education to this community."

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