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Micro group once again disrupt the community – Maskey

3 August, 2012

Sinn Féin MP for West Belfast has stated that the dissident micro group calling itself ONH have once again disrupted the nationalist community of West Belfast.

Speaking following the closure of the Glen Road and the evacuation of 100 homes and businesses in the search for a mortar claimed by ONH Mr Maskey said:

“The disruption caused to this community over the past week has now culminated in over 100 homes being evacuated and local businesses closed.

“This is all due to this group claiming they have fired a mortar in a built up residential area which has not been found.

“In doing so and in carrying out this attack they have shown utter disregard for this community, a community they purport to represent.

“Those responsible need to issue a clear statement as to where this device would be, where it was fired from and why they carried out such a reckless attack in a built up, busy residential area.

“Further to this they need to realise there is no community support for their actions. The people of Ireland have very clearly chosen a peaceful political path and they should follow suit.”

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