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Fra McCann questions departments on local labour procurement processes

22 August, 2012 - by Fra McCann

West Belfast MLA Fra McCann has written to all the Executive Ministers as well as Belfast City Council to ask what if anything they have in their procurement procedures to ensure the inclusion of Local Labour Clauses in any construction projects.

The West Belfast MLA has said:

“It has long been a source of contention that contractors come into the West Belfast area, bring their work force with them and then leave when the work is completed without the area having any real financial benefit from the project.

“For this past number of years there has been much talk from departments about social clauses in contracts and what I would like to determine is, are they working? Who oversees the implementation of these? Are they in existence at all in our departments?

“West Belfast has huge levels of unemployment and social exclusion. Using major construction programmes to help tackle local unemployment would undoubtedly prove an important element in providing long-term regeneration and employment opportunities.

“We need answers and actions from government departments to ensure my constituents in West Belfast and constituents in other areas of high deprivation have a fair chance of being employed and not ignored when contractors come into their area.”

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