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Gerry Adams:Elections an opportunity for change

9 June, 2004

Speaking today in Dublin as the election campaign draws to a close the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP appealed to people to come out in strength on Friday and use their vote to create change. Mr. Adams said that Sinn Féin is on track to return an all-Ireland team of MEPs to Europe for the first time and to make significant gains in the Local Government Mr. Adams said:

„As the only all-Ireland party, Sinn Féin has been contesting EU elections across all five constituencies, Local Government elections in the 26 Counties and opposing the citizenship referendum. I believe that we are on target to return an all Ireland team of MEPs to Europe for the first time and to make significant gains in the Local Government elections.

"In the course of this campaign I have travelled the length and breath of the country and one of the most striking things I have observed is that people who traditionally voted for other parties are now going to join with the thousands of people right across Ireland who already trust Sinn Féin with their vote. They are doing this because they want change, they want to be listened to and they want to be represented by a political party which will respect their vote.

"People are responding to our message that they can change things. Sinn Féin is increasingly seen as the only real alternative. We are calling on people to support our vision of a Europe of equals, to protect neutrality, to oppose privatisation and allow us to advance our agenda for change in Ireland and Europe.

„The elections also gives the electorate an opportunity to strengthen Sinn Féin‚s hand as we enter what will probably be the most difficult and challenging negotiations since the Agreement.

"But we will not take anything for granted. We are confident that we have succeeded in delivering the Sinn Fein message, a unique political and social vision for a united Ireland. For that change to come about people from Wexford to Derry and Cork to Antrim need to make their voices heard loud and clear on June 11th and come out in large numbers to vote Sinn Féin number 1 in both the Local Government and European elections."ENDS

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