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Sinn Féin raise Ballymena murder attempts with British

9 June, 2004

Sinn Fein raise concerns over attempts to murder Sinn Fein members in Ballymena with NIO Security Minister. Sinn Féin Assembly group leader, Newry Armagh MLA Conor Murphy has described the response of the NIO and PSNI to the attempted murder of Sinn Fein political activists in the Ballymena area as totally unacceptable. Mr Murphy said:

"In the aftermath of the attempted murder of Sinn Fein members in the Ballymena area it is clear that the PSNI and NIO response has been partial.

In lesser attacks the PSNI in particular are quick to point the finger of blame, particularly to allege republican involvement.

"Yet in Ballymena the PSNI are 'keeping an open mind' and the NIO security Minister has yet to get a briefing on a situation where it apparently unionist paramilitaries are able to engage in attempted murder with impunity.

"The difference in attitude from the NIO and PSNI to attacks on Sinn Fein, who represent the majority of nationalists, represents a wider and more deep seated ambivalence to unionist paramilitary violence directed towards the nationalist community." ENDS

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