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Need for action to ensure wanton vandalism does not happen again - Sinn Féin Councillor

28 August, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerard McCabe said he expects there tobe a full investigation into the electricity power cuts that have occurred NorthBelfast over the last couple of days and assurances that everything will bedone to prevent a recurrence.

Thousands of homes were left without power after asubstation was vandalised and the North Belfast Councillor said not only mustthe PSNI bring those guilty before the courts but NIE must ensure that it doeseverything possible to stop it happening again.

Gerard McCabe said:

“I have demanded an emergency meeting with NIE and the PSNI atsenior level to seek assurances that every effort will be made to bring thoseresponsible before the courts and to ensure that this does not happen again.

“My understanding is that men with power tools vandalisedthe substation and that engineers who went to repair the damage were threatened.There are still some homes without power and it is hoped that their electricitysupply can be restored as soon as possible. This attack bears no logicwhatsoever and brought unnecessary hardship to thousands of people includingmany elderly citizens.

“Once full power has been restored I will be expecting afull investigation and resulting action to ensure that the vandals will not beable to cause this type of damage again.

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