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SDLP late coming to Lisburn council motion face saving exercise

29 August, 2012

Sinn Féin Lisburn City Councillor David Bell has stated that today's statement by the SDLP expressing their opposition tothe DUP motion calling for the Orange Order to be granted the freedom of the city is a lazy way to represent nationalists in Lisburn.

 Speaking today Mr Bell said:

“The statement by the SDLP outlining their opposition to the DUP motion which called for the Orange Order to be given the freedom of Lisburn comes just too late and is clearly a face saving exercise.

“In their statement they state that the SDLP will “oppose this motion at all stages of council” which is clearly nonsense as they failed to turn up at the very first stage.

“Given their absence from last nights full council meeting where this contentious motion was debated many people are asking where were the SDLP council members?

“There was also other council business on last nights agenda which the SDLP members missed and played no part in.

“The SDLP are elected to represent the people of Lisburn. There is only one full council meeting a month yet they can’t attend. Instead they think it is acceptable to issue a press statement on the issue debated and decisions that were made.

“This is a lazy way to conduct politics and in no way passes for real representation. Once again the SDLP have abdicated their duties on this council with Sinn Féin being the sole voice for nationalists in Lisburn.”

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