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British Army harassment outside Polling Station

10 June, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member for Mid-Ulster Francie Molloy has accused the British Army of deliberately intimidating voters at a polling station in Dungannon. Mr Molloy said:

"This morning two British Army landrovers surrounded the Sinn Féin election caravan parked outside Saggart Polling station in Dungannon. A large number of British Army personnel then left the jeeps and began patrolling around the entrance to the polling station and harassing both election workers and voters.

"This is clearly the British contribution to the electoral process in Ireland. The British Crown forces are clearly fearful of the continuing rise of Sinn Féin and are determined to try a prevent people exercising their franchise.

"This sort of harassment cannot be divorced from the massive disenfranchisement exercise undertaken by the British over the past two years and the continuing problems being encountered over ID.

"It seems that certain sections of the British establishment will continue to pursue their anti-Republican and anti-United Ireland agenda by attacking the electoral process. It is therefore crucial that those who still do have a vote come out in the largest numbers possible and send the rejectionists at the heart of the British establishment a clear message by returning a Sinn Féin MEP from the six counties." ENDS

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