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Sinn Féin protests at Government funding cut for Dublin City Council

2 September, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillors are tabling an emergency motion and holding a protest outside the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council on Monday in response to the decision of the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan to slash funding for the Council based on the level of Household Charge collection to date.

Sinn Féin Councillor Mícheál Mac Donncha, chairperson of the Council's Finance Committee, said:

“In 2011 Dublin City Council was allocated €60.2 million from the Local Government Fund which is disbursed centrally by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government. In Budget 2012 this was reduced to €54.8 million. Now the Council has been told by Minister Hogan’s Department that this is further reduced to €50.1 million. And the minister has directly linked the reduction to the level of collection of the Household Charge in Dublin City.

“This is an attack by the Fine Gael/Labour Government on local services for the citizens and communities of Dublin City and of local authorities across the State. Minister Hogan has doggedly persisted with the inequitable and uncollectable Household Charge, despite the huge level of non-payment. Now Council services are being punished by the Government for its own inequity and ineptitude in trying to impose this unjust tax.

“It is outrageous for a minister to slash the funding for local government in mid-year, significantly reducing the allocation signalled at the start of the year. It typifies the slash and burn approach of this Government.

“Sinn Féin is tabling an emergency motion at the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council on Monday 3 September. It reads:

‘In light of the impending financial crisis facing Dublin City Council and local authorities throughout this State, Dublin City Council calls on the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan TD to reverse the cuts in the Local Government Fund and restore adequate funding for local democracy and the provision of Council services to our citizens and communities. We deplore the Circular from the Minister’s Department to all local authorities announcing further reductions in the Local Government Fund and linking reductions of funding for individual Councils, including Dublin City Council, to the level of collection of the inequitable and uncollectible Household Charge. We call for the replacement of the Household Charge with reformed, equitable taxation based on ability to pay and we warn against the imposition of a further unjust charge based on the market value of homes and without regard to ability to pay. - Cllrs Larry O'Toole, Críona Ní Dhálaigh, Anthony Connaghan, Séamus McGrattan, Mícheál Mac Donncha.'”

  • Dublin Sinn Féin will be holding a protest outside City Hall at 6pm on Monday 3rd September.


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