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SDLP Need to Clarify Position on Marriage Equality - McGahan

4 September, 2012

Sinn Féin Equality Spokesperson Bronwyn McGahan has said that the SDLP needs to tell the people what their position on marriage equality is after they abstained in Fermanagh allowing a motion to falll while supporting one in Newry and Mourne.

 Ms. McGahan said,

 “Sinn Féin have proposed a motion to Councils across the North in bringing equality to the Gay and Lesbian community on the issue of marriage equality.

 “Last night in Newry and Mourne Council six SDLP Councillors voted in favour of the motion helping it to pass while in Fermanagh they abstained allowing the motion to fall.

“At the recent Pride Festival in Belfast Conal McDevitt MLA told the audience his party was totally behind marriage equality only to be rebuked by party leader Alastair McDonnell.

“It is time the SDLP told people whether they support marriage equality or whether they are opposed to it.”

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