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Rise in unemployment continues under Fine Gael and Labour

5 September, 2012

Today the August the Live Register figures were released showing a standardised unemployment rate of 14.7%. When this government came to power in March 2011 the rate was 14.3%.
There are 369,109 unemployed people on the live register and 87,154 casual and part-time workers signing on. There are 201,513 people who have been unemployed for a year or more. The long term unemployed now make up more than half (54.6%) of those unemployed.
Speaking on the release of the August Live Register figures, Peadar Tóibín, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation said:
“Since this Fine Gael-Labour coalition came to power unemployment continues to increase despite continued emigration.
“This government has made many promises, the Taoiseach promised 100,000 additional jobs yet all that we get is more of the same: more of the same excuses, more of the same policies and more of the same spin.
“This government has led our people into an economic cul-de-sac. The figures speak for themselves with increased rates of unemployment.
“The majority of those on the dole have been without work since Enda Kenny and Eamonn Gilmore came to power.
“This government has failed to deliver jobs, failed those seeking work and failed families. As children return to school, many families and communities across this state are hungry for work and struggling to make ends meet.
Sinn Fein has demonstrated that another way is possible. This government should end the economic policies that are costing jobs. Job creation should be at the centre of all government policies. We need investment in our nation’s wealth to create employment and not continue the failed policy of bailing out banks and bondholders.”

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