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Barrosso’s mask slips with call for federation of nation states: Reilly

12 September, 2012

Sinn Féin’s Spokesperson on EU Affairs Senator Kathryn Reilly has said Jose Manuel Barrosso’s “State of the Union” address today confirms that a federal Europe is the ultimate goal of the EU Commission despite claims during previous referenda campaigns that this was just scare mongering by those on the no side.

Senator Reilly said:

“The mask has finally slipped during today’s State of the Union address by Jose Manuel Barrosso in which he makes the claim that Europe needs to move to a federation of nation states.

“Sinn Féin has consistently warned that a federal Europe is the ultimate goal of those at the helm of the EU project. However we were always dismissed as scare mongers. Today’s comments from Barrosso prove our caution to have been correct.

“We are living in a time of austerity and of dismal economic fortunes yet President Barrosso has chosen to headline his address with a call for an unspecified, undefined ‘Federation of Nation States’.

“This shows how out of touch with the reality on the ground he, and the Commission, must be. Citizens across the EU, especially young people, are struggling with sky-high levels of unemployment and underemployment.

“I can assure President Barrosso that federalist pipe-dreams are not keeping them awake at night. What’s keeping them awake at night is the economic mess caused by the type of austerity policies this Commission is wedded to.

“What citizens in Ireland and everywhere else demand of the EU is practical leadership and some evidence that they are focussing their energies on creating jobs, protecting public services and sheltering the most vulnerable from the outcomes of austerity. This evidence was not to be found in President Barrosso's speech today.

“Sinn Fein will be closely examining the Commission’s proposals on the banking sector and I once again welcome the Commission’s commitment to supporting a Youth Guarantee. In both cases the detail will decide our position.”


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