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Are Loyal Orders involved in PR exercise over 'quiet conversations'? – Conor Maskey

13 September, 2012

North Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Conor Maskey said the Loyal Orders need to immediately enter into talks with the residents of Carrickhill.

The North Belfast councillor said:

“It is worrying that there has been no direct contact between the Loyal Orders and the residents of Carrickhill as the Ulster Covenant parade approaches.

“The Loyal Orders are saying that conversations ‘are taking place away from the public gaze’ and as it is not with the residents, who is it that they are talking to?

“If talks between the Loyal Orders and residents do not take place immediately then their recent statements will be seen, along with the claim of quiet conversations, as little more than a PR exercise.

“There needs to be immediate talks between the Loyal Orders and the Carrickhill residents. Direct dialogue is the way to resolve these contentious parades and anything else will just be seen as a smokescreen.” 

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