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Pig farmers deserve a fair deal

17 September, 2012

Sinn Féin MEP, Martina Anderson has met with George Lyon MEP to discuss the crisis in the grain sector.

 Speaking from Strasbourg the MEP said,

 "The crisis in the grain sector is affecting pig-farmers all over Europe, but the situation in the north is particularly bad, with farmers being paid an average of £8 per pig less than their British counterparts.

 "The whole pig farming industry is experiencing difficulties due to the increasing cost of feed and the costs of complying with welfare regulations.  I asked MEP Lyon, who is meeting with the Commission to discuss this, to keep me informed of any developments.

 "Our farmers are doing their utmost to adhere to the strictest welfare regulations, and they are succeeding, yet they are not being rewarded with a fair price for their produce. When you consider the price farmers from different regions are getting for what they produce, you can see there is a definite disparity.

 "I will also be further discussing this issue with Sinn Féin Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill, when we are both at the Ploughing Championships. It is an issue I intend to keep following.

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