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Sinn Féin call for McCausland sanction

18 September, 2012 - by Raymond McCartney

After a number of meetings with the SDLP in the past number of days we have agreed a motion to put to the Assembly next week seeking to censure the DSD Minister Nelson McCausland following his repeated failure to condemn the illegal activity conducted by loyalist bands outside St. Patrick’s Church.

 Speaking today Assembly Group leader Raymond McCartney said:

“Every right thinking person who watched the sectarian scenes played out outside St. Patrick church both on the Twelfth and again on the last Saturday could not have come to any other conclusion that the determinations issued by the Parades Commission had been deliberately breached with the intent of causing offence to the community and parishioners of St. Patrick’s.

“In the aftermath rather than stand on the side of the law and the Parades Commission the DSD Minister Nelson McCausland repeatedly failed to condemn the sectarian behaviour of the bands and their supporters.

“His behaviour as well as being an abdication of political leadership was a breach of his Ministerial Code. It is right that the Assembly should debate this matter and we have agreed a text of a motion with the SDLP which will allow that to happen.”

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