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Human Rights Commissioner's disgraceful comments influenced Holy Cross judgement

16 June, 2004

Commenting on the dismissal of a court case taken against the PSNI over their policing of the Holy Cross School blockade, Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Kathy Stanton said the result was 'undoubtedly influenced by the disgraceful public commentary made by Human Rights Commission Chief Brice Dickson'.

Ms Stanton said:

"The blockade of Holy Cross school by unionist protesters was a shameful and disgraceful episode. Young children were threatened, abused and attacked by a violent mob. The PSNI did not act to protect either the children or the parents.

"The parent who took this case deserves our support and thanks for challenging in a very public way the complete failure by the PSNI to provide adequate protection for the children. The chances of the case succeeding were greatly diminished by the public intervention of the Human Rights Commission Chief Brice Dickson. His contribution in support of Ronnie Flanagan has without any doubt played a significant role in the failure of this case to proceed further.

"Brice Dickson should reflect upon this judgement and do the honourable thing and resign from the Commission rather than continuing to hang on to his post until next year and continuing to be an obstruction to the development of a rights based society here." ENDS

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