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Removal of Lisburn Orange Order motion only option.

26 September, 2012

Sinn Féin Councillor for Lisburn Arder Carson has stated that the withdrawal of the DUP motion calling for the Orange Order to be given the freedom of Lisburn City was the only option given the divisive nature of the move.

Speaking today Cllr Carson said:

“It is clear the DUP were left with no option but to withdraw their motion calling for the Orange Order to be given the freedom of the city.

“This from the outset was a divisive motion. How could a motion which wanted to see an anti catholic organisation, who have played no positiverole in the peace process reach the support of all those who live in and represent the Lisburn area.

“The Orange Order have it within their gift to change this, move our society forward, and dealwith the handful of contentious marches through engagement with the residents of those communities affected.

“The DUP should be encouraging such a move instead of bring motions of this nature forward to this council. I welcome the fact that they have now withdrawn it realising they could not see it passed due to lack of support.

“Had the SDLP turned up to vote in the full council meeting where the motion was first proposed the DUP might have realised this earlier.”

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