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Government policy on jobs is an epic failure - Tóibín

2 October, 2012

Today Peadar Tóibín TD, the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, challenged the government on increased unemployment and emigration since they came to power.

Peadar Toíbín said:

“In the last 4 years Ireland has lost more jobs per capita than any other western state since the great depression. In February, after a year in office the Government unveiled an Action Plan for Jobs. At the launch of the Action Plan the Taoiseach said that it would create an additional 100,000 jobs. In the foreword, with regard to job creation, an Taoiseach said, ‘It is the all-consuming obsession of every cabinet minister at a time when we have never seen more people unemployed… There will be no rest until we create opportunities for everyone who wants to work.’”

The arrogance of this government with regard to jobs is astounding.

In the last year 33,400 jobs have been lost and 87,000 people have emigrated

To date the government’s policy on jobs has been an epic failure and communities across the state are paying dearly.

We need a significant stimulus package to create jobs. There is significant wealth in the state and we need to put it to work on behalf of the Irish people.
The billion euro given to bondholders yesterday should have gone to job creation in this state.

The government needs to implement Sinn Féin’s alternative countercyclical policies.

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