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Robinson must condemn sectarian behaviour – Niall Ó Donnaighle

4 October, 2012

East Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Niall Ó Donnaighle said that First Minister Peter Robinson needs to make his position clear regarding the disgraceful and sectarian behaviour of some of the loyalist bands passing St Matthews Church on Saturday.

Niall Ó Donnaighle said:

“There can be no ambiguity regarding the disgraceful scenes outside St Matthews Church on Saturday, not only by some of the bands but also supporters.

“Peter Robinson talks about how important it is that we ‘try and bind our community together’ then surely one section of that community being inflammatory, derogatory and outright sectarian to a different place of worship needs to be condemned.

“The DUP and unionist politicians in general have failed to give leadership in recent months and instead have pampered to the lowest rung of sectarianism within loyalism.

“It is well past the time that Peter Robinson, as the leader of unionism, took a stand against this sectarianism and bigotry and came out clearly against any such behaviour.”

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