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Government doesn’t need to wait for Europe to act on Youth Unemployment: Reilly

10 October, 2012

Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on Youth Affairs Senator Kathryn Reilly has said the government needs to start acting on youth unemployment and stop waiting for miracle solutions from Europe.

The recent moves by the European Commission towards a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), which the government has said it will not take part in, is now being linked by the Austrian and French governments to the proposed EU Youth Guarantee.

Senator Reilly said;

“This attempt by the Labour’s Party’s sister parties to link the commission’s proposed FTT with any Youth Guarantee is grossly unfair and smacks of an attempt to coerce countries like Ireland who are opposed to the FTT to give up their objections.

“It is also grossly unfair on the 30% of young Irish people left in Ireland who are not at work to possibly exclude them from any benefits from an EU wide Youth Guarantee.

“This government has tried to hype the possibility of a Youth Guarantee as a solution to our youth unemployment crisis without any details of how the guarantee would work and without knowing if it is to have any financial muscle at all. Now we hear that some governments want to see the guarantee linked to the introduction of a FTT.

"The message should be clear. This government needs to stop waiting for miracle solutions from Europe and start acting here and now to tackle youth unemployment. Last year the government’s Jobs Action Plan mentioned young people only twice in its 126 pages.

“This government has been in power for 18 months now and youth unemployment is as high as it was when they came to power. There may be potential in using EU support to tackle youth unemployment in the future but that is no excuse to not act now through investing in actions aimed specifically at creating jobs for young people as has been proposed by Sinn Féin.”


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