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Sinn Féin responds to Peter Robinson's voluntary coalition calls

12 October, 2012 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff who is also a member of the Assembly Commission responding to Peter Robinson's calls for a voluntary coalition at Stormont said:

“Peter Robinson needs to stop playing word games here. An end to what he is calling Mandatory Coalition and replacing it with a Voluntary Coalition is code for removing Sinn Féin from government and a return to some form of unionist majority rule.

“This isn’t going to happen. The north went down that road for 50 years and look where it took us. The current arrangements are in place precisely because unionism proved itself incapable of sharing power and incapable of basic equality.

“Sinn Féin won’t allow it. The structures of government here were agreed as part of the Good Friday Agreement. Sinn Féin supports these structures which are inclusive of representation from across our community.

“Unionism needs to wake up to a basic reality – if you are going to exercise political power then it will be in partnership with nationalists and republicans on the basis of equality. There is no other way."

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